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Tuesday 14 Jun 2011

Replacement Sash Windows vs Restoration

We now live in a time where homeowners appreciate and expect wooden sash windows in their traditional Victorian homes. Importantly, in many cases, it would be better (in terms of costs and savings) to consider sash window restoration rather than replacement. Restoration and repairs can very often be carried out rather than having to replace the window. This is an option worth considering as it can often prove as efficient as replacement.

Did You Know?

Replacing your windows with double glazing will reduce heat flow through you windows by at least a half and if this is the only insulation measure installed in your home it should reduce you overall energy bill by between 5% and 10%. For the smaller 3 bed house assuming you save the maximum 10% of your heating costs you should save around £60 each year if you are gas centrally heated. Costs to install double glazing average about £5000. Therefore it would take around 80 years to see a return in investment.